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This column was contributed by a association member.

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China Plastic Laser Engraving Machine Portable Type for Metal .. | hard plastic label engraver

“Vinyls” is Not A Word:

“BUZZ” Newspaper Commodity (#24- X)

Greetings Collector’s of Quadraphonic Polyvinyl chloride thermoplastic polymer collapsed disc with inscribed articulate circling groove.

I bought my 1st Vinyl Almanac in 1973 The BEATLES “67- 70: Dejected Album” aback it 1st came out, if you do not apperceive I awash my 1st “Used Record” in 1977 in Jackson, MS. while at Brandon Jr. Aerial School, aback afresh I accept formed for abounding Music Food starting in 1986: RecordShop, Archives, PatchWorx, Wherehouse, BestBuy, DiscJockey, fye, DiscLand & Now I own Mr. Zero’s for now 4 years (April 2009), so I feel I apperceive I a affair or 2 about records. In this commodity (my 2nd year now) I am activity to try to dis-spell all the misinformation about Vinyl.

> The Genesis:

It all started when; Thomas Edison (1847- 1931) on 18 July 1877 invented the aboriginal phonograph, originally arena Butt blazon recordings in assembly from 1988- 1915, with a 2 minute best for content. A man called Charles Tainter invented the acceptance of adamantine carnauba wax to alter the accepted boilerplate of paraffin & affair that was acclimated on records, this is breadth the argot “Wax” came from, in advertence to Records. The 1st “Flat Disc” annal were referred to as “Edisons” which ran at about 80 revolutions per minute, they were fabricated of Bakelite (an aboriginal from of plastic) and had a recording abandoned on 1 side, the added was bare or had the almanac labels logo engraved on it like “Victor”. About starting in 1950 best Annal were fabricated from Vinyl, not wax at all.

> 78rpm

Sometime about 1910, the 10-inch 78 rpm attack disc had become the best frequently acclimated format. The electric powered ancillary turntable motor invented in 1925, that ran at 3600 rpm with a 46:1 accessory ratio, the aftereffect a circling acceleration of 78 rpm, accordingly 78rpm was called to be the standard. About this architecture was bound to 5 account of agreeable per side.

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> 45 Single

In Feb 1949 RCA alien the 45 rpm record, 7″ in size, as they banned to authorization from a battling company. The 45 ran at a faster acceleration than the 33 1/3 so it had a bigger sound, in accession to a added canal for bigger allegiance authoritative them acutely durable, about a time limitation of about 4 account until in 1965 Bob Dylan capital his “Like A Rolling-stone” a 6 minute song to fit on the “A” ancillary of a 45. Best 45s were issued in Mono and generally a actual altered mix than the Stereo LP, sometimes an actually altered adaptation of the song like KISS: “Detroit Rock City” appear in 1976. In the 50s you had to absolution abounding hit singles afore you appear a abounding breadth LP (Long Player) on into the 60s (read my accessories on the Beatles, Kinks & WHO) how abounding Non-LP songs bands had aback then. The bandage would absolution a 45 distinct amid LPs & if neither song was a hit afresh the bandage would not put those songs on the aing LP. Mono realistically concluded in 1968, about AM radio abandoned affair 45s connected in Mono until 1978.

> 16rpm

Were developed & alien in 1926 by Western Electric. Acclimated for soundtracks to films & Radio abandoned archetype annal from 1930- 1960 & Chrysler Automobile Records, (mainly Jazz music in the 1950s) ran16 revolutions per minute, & played from the central out, as appose to the alfresco in. This architecture did not aftermost long.

> EPs

Extended Plays were actual accepted in the UK; the 1st ones were put out by Grey Gull Annal in 1919 & by RCA in 1952. An EP is classified as 4- 6 songs & beneath than 25 account for both abandon total, they can run at 45 or 33 1/3rpm, usually in a agenda sleeve, as appose to paper. Best British bands appear EPs amid LPs

> The LP: In the USA, in 1921 almanac sales were about $105 actor per year, but with the accession of the home radio assemblage the 1st afterlife bell was heard for annal aback sales abandoned to $5 actor per year in 1933. Afresh Columbia Annal alien the LP in 1948 developed by Peter Goldmark at CBS laboratories, 1st in Mono & afresh afterwards in Stereo. At this time 78s were the predominate architecture for music until about 1952 aback the 78 abandoned to 50% of the bazaar in sales. Interestingly abundant in 1958 RCA anesthetized on the befalling to buy the absolute to “Stereo” a accurate alive break of complete amid 2 channels that was invented by Alan Blumlein at EMI In the1930s. In 1931 RCA- Victor alien the “Victrolac” a new vinyl based compound.

While the agreement of vinyl has afflicted aback its inception, the alternative is abstinent vinyl (all black vinyl is abstinent vinyl) as it has beneath impurities, for archetype abundant of the vinyl produced in the 70s was recycled, recalled, unsold records, with algae and all. Accepted brand pressings were 130 grams until about 1971 aback RCA alien the “Dynaflex” almanac at 90 grams these did not complete as acceptable nor did they aftermost as long. HeatSign Metal Plate Engraving Machine, Dog Tag .. HeatSign Metal Plate Engraving Machine, Dog Tag .. | hard plastic label engraver

In November 1957, the baby absolute Audio Allegiance Annal characterization started absolution stereo LPs & invented the “Half Acceleration Masters” developed from aggravating to abduction attributes sounds on vinyl. The “Half Acceleration Master” were cut at a slower acceleration with added grooves for a bigger complete reproduction. In Japan the accepted has been 160 grams so best imports are approved afterwards for the above complete quality, which is why the accepted re-issue brand is 180 grams to complete bigger and aftermost longer. Did you apperceive the boilerplate LP contains about 1500 anxiety of grooves?

Records in the 60s ran about 18 account per side, afresh in the 70s about 20 account per side. Afresh in 1976 Led Zeppelin had a 27min song on “Song Remains The Same” afresh in 1987 Def Leppard put out ‘Hysteria” with about 30min per side, but in 1987 it was all over for the vinyl format.

> Acetates

Sometimes accepted as “Demonstration Records” are an aluminum disc, beforehand versions were agenda with a blanket of nitrocellulose bark (they accept a actual different aroma to them). This assembly action ran from the 1930s to backward 1960s. In the 40s there were recording booths for aggressive men to almanac letters home to their admired ones afore they went off to war. A acclaimed recording berth almanac was fabricated by The Quarrymen (The Beatles) as Lennon, McCartney & Harrison blimp themselves into a berth to almanac “Hallelujah, I Love Her So”

> Complete Sheet/ Flexi Discs A attenuate artificial breadth usually 1 sided, & not actual durable. Usually annual inserts from about 1965-1985, 2 of the best acclaimed flexis are; The Monkees: Davy Jones had 1 in 1968 which was a announced chat with music for the blur “Head” a 2 sided bright dejected sheet. The Who had 1 in a book from 1985, demos for “My Generation & Pinball Wizard” Aback the Beatles re-released the “Red” & “Blue” & “White” albums in 1981 afterwards Lennon died, Musiccland appear a Flexi for anniversary LP. One chat I had with Glen Buxton of the Alice Cooper Group in 1991, he was planning to absolution a Flexi of 2 songs he & Alice had recorder afore The Alice Cooper Group as “The Spiders” in 1965, about I had to acquaint him, Felxis had gone by the wayside some years earlier.

> Cereal Box Records:

Usually begin on Column Cereals from 1970- 1972. A allotment of agenda with a attenuate vinyl blanket applied, afresh not actual durable. The best acclaimed artists begin on these are: Monkees, Archies, Jackson 5 (with Michael), Bobby Sherman & children’s music.

> Quad:Sometime about 1972 quadraphonic was alien (the agnate of 5.1 today) instead of complete actuality afar into 2 channels, cloister is afar into 4, about you charge a appropriate cloister amp and 4 of the aforementioned speakers. Actual few titles were appear in cloister as this boilerplate did not t on.

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> 12″ Singles: About 1977 the 12″ Distinct was alien for the Disco Clubs to accumulate bodies on the ball floors longer. Best ran at 45rpm with added grooves so they had bigger fidelity. About all 12″ had remix or alternating versions authoritative them actual collectible.

> Cut-Outs/ Promotional:

Were recalled overstock that was actually cut or drilled, to appearance they could neither be awash or ‘returned’ for abounding value. Some “Promotional copies were apparent in the aforementioned fashion. Advance copies were fabricated by the almanac labels for the almanac food or radio stations, usually 1st runs off the plates they were bigger pressings, with cleaner & bigger complete some like CBS & WB had “White Labels” some covers bore a gold brand or sticker advertence “promo” status. The 2nd afterlife bell for annal came about this time with the readily attainable home cassette recording deck, so abundant so that EMI put this byword on their close sleeves “Home taping is killing the music industry” with a skull & crossbones fabricated from a Cassette shell.

> Almanac Collecting Blues:One accepted trend is aboriginal dejection records, which are actual aerial in appeal but actual deficient in supply. For archetype the Chess characterization out of Chicago, Illinois advised 1000 copies awash acceptable affairs title, & 2000 copies awash a actually acceptable affairs appellation & 5000 copies sold, a accident hit. The added affair to accede is until the aboriginal 90s the East & West Coast were actual abstracted in development, & way advanced of the Mid-West, & dejection primarily awash from Chicago to New Orleans. Another archetype to accede about blues, booty Robert Johnson (1911- 1938) who is advised the Father of Blues, Johnson appear abandoned 78s in his lifetime, 11 total, NO LPs, 1 was appear 25 years afterwards his afterlife and a 2nd LP 10 years afterwards that.

> R.I.P. 1989:

“National Recall” Letter issued by NARM in December 1987 that about read: “All 6 above labels: CBS (Sony), WEA (Warner Bros), MCA (Universal), BMG (RCA), EMI (Capitol) & PGD (Polygram) accept absitively to stop aircraft Vinyl almanac LPs to retail stores, able 2 January 1988. In adjustment to accept abounding acclaim for Vinyl on hand, accept all banal alternate to bell-ringer by 30 December 1987. The account amount of a vinyl almanac LP was on boilerplate $9.98 & the amount of a vinyl almanac was about $7.25 per item. At that aforementioned time the account amount of a CD was on boilerplate $16.98 & the amount per account was about $12.75 (these are facts, association .. as I was there)> No music retail alternation was about to lose any money on asleep banal & the adventitious to cast acclaim on vinyl to CD. At that time in 1987 Cassettes were about 60% of the retail bazaar abrogation CDs about 35% with vinyl abaft at a bald 5%, admitting not an actually asleep format, which is why NARM & the Labels absitively to put an end to vinyl. In this aforementioned letter it did additionally accompaniment that food would be able to “Special Order” best vinyl titles until 30 October 1989, but afterwards this date “There Will Be NO More Vinyl Pressed in the USA” So music admirers about there was no vinyl bogus from backward 1989 to 2003 If it was NEVER fabricated on Vinyl originally afresh the “New” 180gram vinyl Is the Aboriginal press.

There was about some bound pressings of above artists such as: KISS, Metallica, Guns N Roses, Pearl Jam & Nirvana usually black vinyl or account discs appear 1 anniversary afore the CD & Cassette, as able-bodied as abounding abate absolute releases. There are actually millions of titles abandoned on vinyl LP; about the aforementioned rings accurate for Cassette as able-bodied as CD. It was artlessly not amount able to re-release abounding titles on CD or alike Cassette, in accession to abounding adept recordings had been absent over the years, to accomplish able transfers of vinyl titles to CD, the aforementioned rings accurate today, for those titles abandoned on cassette or CD, it’s aloof not account the time or money to put abounding of those titles on vinyl.

> A Hundred Dollars:

11-11-11 - MetalTagMaker
11-11-11 – MetalTagMaker | hard plastic label engraver

As far as availability for some artists annal we charge booty into consideration; how abounding were made, how abounding were sold, how abounding were recycled as CBS nor Capitol would not abate overstock to “Cut Out” Status. A actual important affair to consider, today Not all annal accept the aforementioned value, action & affection are 1st & foremost, additionally it seems best bodies are attractive for the aforementioned titles, accordingly a college appeal warrants a college amount in re-sale.

Another affair to accede is how abounding survived due aloof to whether conditions, example: in California earthquakes & fires, Southwest acute heat, Deep South humidity, Midwest clamminess & floods, Northeast bottleneck & a baby active breadth bodies would tend leave luxuries behind, like their almanac collection, or bodies artlessly blind of what they had and threw their LPs into the garbage.

What’s affairs today in 2013, able-bodied afterwards 4 years of affairs “Used” vinyl, we accept proven, it’s about the exact aforementioned artists that awash 10, 20, 30 & 40 years ago. Here’s the “Top 11”

1. The Beatles: 1962- 1970 (14 Albums)

2. Pink Floyd: 1967- 1994 (14 Albums)

3. Led Zeppelin: 1969- 1978 (8 Albums)

4. Jimi Hendrix: 1967- 1968 (3 Albums)5. Frank Zappa: 1966- 1993 (62 Albums)

6. Grateful Dead: 1967- 1990 (22 Albums)

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7. Bob Dylan: 1962- 2012 (35 Albums)

8. Doors: 1967- 1978 (9 Albums)

9. Neil Young: 1968-2000 (37 Albums)

10. Black Sabbath: 1970- 1978 (8 Albums)

11. Metallica: 1983- 1991 (5 Albums on Vinyl)> Appear Back:On Vinyl authoritative a comeback. In 2008 almanac labels alien out some 3 actor units of vinyl, accumulate in apperception “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” awash over 5 actor copies on vinyl in America alone. So 3 actor is not a above appear back. In 2012 Vinyl sales were up 16% on $4 actor is abandoned $64,000.oo up in sales.

The adored Internet has amount the USA billions in music sales, jobs, retail taxes, retail stores, retail jobs, Almanac Characterization jobs in promotion, production, art department. With Amazon sales 40% up in Oct 2009 & Ebay $59 Billion in 2008, & actually TAX Free. The internet does not actualize jobs it eliminates jobs and offers no absolute replacement. In the 60s through the aboriginal 2000s the music industry generated billions of dollars for not abandoned the USA but added countries as well. As of today abandoned 1 civic music abundance alternation exists, and that would be “fye” out of New York (fye: purchased Musicland/ Sam Goody in 2006 & bankrupt it in 2007).

As of 2008 best cellphones can admission the internet, authoritative it accessible for about anybody to attending up items on Gemm.Com & & Popsike.Com & Ebay & Amazon, so the canicule of award hidden gem that addition over looked, are realistically over, abnormally in any shop/store enactment (they can use the internet too, isn’t that weird?). If you would like a bounded account of our aeon who additionally advertise acclimated annal you can acquaintance us at www.MrZeros.Com, And, so blessed hunting….. Mr. Zero Aback 2009

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