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I am aloof as affronted by accessible spaces that force Fox advertising on me and added biting citizens, as anyone, and I agreeably animate bodies to let the enactment apperceive that alteration the approach is a arrangement for connected patronage. But this activity will accept negligible aftereffect on Fox or the examination public.

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Out of home examination is not abstinent by the Nielsen Co. No one will apperceive that the area afflicted channels except you and the abettor administrator with whom you spoke. And accessible TVs artlessly aren’t abundant abundant to appulse viewers. At best this is feel acceptable admeasurement (and it does feel good), but it is hardly the band-aid that Keith asserts that it is.

Advertiser boycotts are a far added able anatomy of protest, alike added able than eyewitness boycotts because, unless you are a Nielsen family, your examination choices are not measured. But there is an alike added able activity that we can all appoint in now. Aloof get all Democrats and progressives to…


I accept been authoritative this case for three years now, and it continued accomplished time that our declared assembly pay attention. Actuality are some excerpts of my above-mentioned assay and assay into this proposal.

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Form my aboriginal Starve The Beast, wherein I argued that it is not alone absurd to arise on Fox News, but it is candidly harmful:

Stop the Masochism Aboriginal and foremost, it would put an end to the accidental acquiescence to assaults from abject smearcasters with demonstrably adverse intentions. Bill O’Reilly is the exceptional archetypal for such encounters. It is absurd to win a agitation with him because he doesn’t affliction about winning. He is alone anxious with breeding the array of calefaction that fuels his ego and his ratings. He alone books three types of guests: Those who accede with him; those he can dominate; and those he can exploit. Don’t be one of them.

The Sinking of Fox The accident of Democrats as foils would transform the actualization of Fox’s conflict-driven programming, consistent in beneath altercation and, hence, lower ratings. Admirers would bound become apathetic with again appearances by Fred Barnes, Michelle Malkin, Dick Morris, and Geraldo Rivera. Minus the shoutfests, and the abeyant for on-air meltdowns, there is no acumen to watch Fox. Neil Cavuto is already whining about his disability book A-list Democrats, and O’Reilly has fabricated it a basic of his affairs to assail no-shows as cowards. That’s a agony move on his allotment because he knows he can’t force guests into his inquisitor’s lair. Aback the ball amount of Fox disappears, so will its audience, its ratings, and its accumulation in the media.

Deprive Fox of Bragging Rights One of the best afflictive ancestry of Fox personalities is the way they use their ratings to validate their bamboozlement agenda. But alike if the ratings adventure weren’t a allegory as declared here, they still accept a awry argument. McDonald’s is the #1 restaurant in America. I don’t anticipate that anyone interprets that to beggarly that they accept the best food. What they accept is the cheapest applesauce that is loaded with accompaniment and condiment to address to the better cardinal of consumers with the atomic adult aftertaste (Hey, that’s a appealing acceptable description of Fox News). Absent their ratings victories, however, they can’t alike accomplish this awry argument.

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Affirm Fox’s Lack of Credibility The bald act of not assuming up sends a bulletin that Fox is not admirable or reputable. By sequestering Fox they will be larboard to themselves and their minions to allocate their McNews. It will accomplish it that abundant added accessible to beam how they are attempting to asperse their brainy opponents and to dispense accepted opinion.

Encourage Added Responsible Journalism By application acumen aback formulating a media strategy, Democrats can bang a draft in favor of a added honest and absolute press. It does not added the goals of ethical journalism to board artful practitioners. Conversely, it does beforehand such goals to agilely appoint media who attach to college standards. What’s bad for Fox is acceptable for journalism.

Rupert Murdoch and his rightist belvedere for advertising charge not be added appeased. All antecedent efforts to allay the access of Fox Account accept bootless because they about aloof a abode for Fox in the effort. This has to stop. It’s time to go algid turkey.

Starve The Beast The band-aid is obvious. Democrats and progressives accept got to affirm off Fox News. They charge abatement all interviews. They charge break off of that attenuated air. They charge abstain the Stuttering Jesse’s (Watters, O’Reilly’s producer) that are resorting to ambuscade interviews. They charge abide to debris to participate in Foxic contest like debates or forums. And if they acquisition themselves trapped in an actualization from which they cannot escape, they charge be assertive to pepper their animadversion with the accuracy about Fox. Let the admirers apperceive that this arrangement is aspersing accessible address and arch admirers astray. And don’t let the bullies beacon the dialog.

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Progressive politicians and pundits charge be declared aloft to heed this advice. It is added than aloof a request. It is an obligation. Every time one of our assembly appears on Fox, they are ambience aback our agenda. They are not aloof crumbling a little time aggravating to accost the adversary in its lair. They are absolutely causing abuse to the efforts of the blow of us who are agilely disturbing to adjustment and advance our country. Anyone in our political ambit who betrays our mission by accedence to the Fox siren should be durably scolded and accomplished as to the accident they are inflicting.

In Starve The Beast: Appetite For Distortion, I broadcast on the affair with abstracts that accepted the applesauce of all-around Fox:

When nine out of ten Fox admirers say that they will vote for John McCain, you accept an admirers that may be added accurately declared as a band (as I declared it in The Band Of Foxonality). And while admirers at both CNN and MSNBC accurate a solid two to one majority for Barack Obama, that is a far cry from the a unanimous, block mentality of Fox viewers. […] In the aboriginal bisected of 2008, CNN and MSNBC both bigger their ratings over the aforementioned aeon the year afore by added than 50% in the key 25-54 year old demographic. Fox Account squeaked through with a beggarly 4% gain. In the additional division Fox absolutely sunk 2%. And Fox continues to draw the oldest admirers in cable news. MSNBC beats Fox with about 35% added admirers in the 18-34 demo. So Fox’s admirers is not alone growing slower than its competitors, it is declining to allure the aing bearing of account viewers. The alone acumen for the admeasurement of the admirers they anon accept is that they accept cornered the bazaar for bourgeois couch jockeys who besiege at their cable baptize cooler. Appropriately their affecting overweighting of McCainiacs.

The affirmation that an embargo of Fox by Democrats and progressives works is illustrated by appulse of our avoid of Fox during the presidential primaries aftermost year. In Starve The Beast: The Wrath Of The Right, I approved that appulse with adamantine data. I additionally showed that Fox Account was acceptable an alike beneath accessible area over time.

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Last year, above-mentioned to the election, Fox Account was already animating its appropriate flank. New multimillion dollar affairs were handed out to Roger Ailes, Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly. Hannity’s appearance afford the asleep weight of declared advanced Alan Colmes. Glenn Beck was brought in to bank up the daytime crowd. Neil Cavuto, a annoyer who is every bit as abhorrent as O’Reilly poisons the bread-and-er news, and he is additionally managing editor of Murdoch’s Fox Business News. And aloof this anniversary Bill Sammon, columnist of a shelf abounding of bitterly accessory books, was answer to VP and Washington Editor for the network.

The aftereffect is a abounding cloister columnist of some of the dirtiest political assaults anytime waged by what is advertised as a “news” network. Fox Account is aboveboard blame a attack to characterize Obama as a Left-wing – a committed adversary of America and its ethics – from 6:00 am with the aggregation of Fox & Friends, to afterwards midnight with broadcasts and repeats of their primetime neanderthal shoutcasters. They get their boot orders anon from Rupert Murdoch who aftermost September said that…

“[Obama’s] action is absolutely very, actual naive, old fashioned, 1960’s socialist.”

Even worse, these rightist dissidents appear actual aing to aboveboard advocating acts of abandon and armed rebellion. […] Democratic candidates, you may recall, had apostate Fox Account as a host for their debates. So the two Democratic debates captivated in February 2008 were agitated by CNN and MSNBC, and both drew audiences abounding times greater than their consistently appointed programming. Democrats additionally alone Fox for added TV appearances and interviews. It had gotten so bad that Chris Wallace, host of Fox Account Sunday, fabricated a buried blackmail in December of 2007:

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“I anticipate the Democrats are abuse fools [for] not advancing on Fox News.”

We apperceive the botheration [of Fox’s ratings weakness] still existed in March of 2008 because that’s aback Wallace debuted his Obama Watch: a alarm that would almanac how continued afore Obama appeared on Wallace’s show. It was a baby antic on Wallace’s part, but it acutely showed that the Democratic embargo of Fox Account was accepting a absolute impact. For CNN and MSNBC, who had the guests and the accident programming that appealed to the best motivated account consumers, it meant college ratings. Fox, on the added hand, had depressed numbers because their best loyal admirers – Republicans – already had a candidate, so there was no attack ball to accumulate them acquainted in.

Make no aberration about it – Fox’s business archetypal is conflict. Their talk-radio aggressive architecture thrives on bearing the array of action that keeps their abashed constituency acquainted in to see who gets slimed next. It is absolutely capricious for us to accredit these perpetrators of aspersion who are focused alone on our defeat and humiliation. If there were a basin of acquiescent viewers, we ability be able to absolve the inherent risks of assuming up at a Fox studio. That is artlessly not the case. The cutting majority of bodies who watch Fox do so to accept there preconceptions reinforced. They are not gluttonous articular agitation and they are not acceptable to change their minds aback confronted with facts.

By abnegation to be accommodating victims, we can not alone anticipate the assured abuse that comes from subjugating oneself to an abuser, but we can hit them area it absolutely hurts – in their ratings and their acquirement – not to acknowledgment their pride.

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So in ablaze of the above, It is important to let your assembly apperceive that you attention their appearances on Fox Account as a betrayal to our cause. And, similarly, acquaint any pundits, reporters, or analysts that you cannot abutment them aback they abutment the adversary by accepting invitations to go on Fox News. We charge not let those on our ancillary who are advantageous abundant to accept a articulation in the media, decay it, and abuse us, by abject to Fox.

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