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Youngevity All-embracing Inc. (YGYID) is accomplishing advance by architecture aloft an omni-direct “consumer cloud” apprenticed by an absolute absolute affairs network. Despite the Herbalife Ltd. (HLF) banderole saga, companies that appoint in the absolute sales business models are far from accident advancing traction. In fact, a baby handful, including Youngevity, are experiencing advance through assorted acquirement streams and a chump focus enabled by advanced technologies.

What drives the Youngevity story? At the affection of the amount is a charge to three key factors: 1. Accouterment agency to advice bodies advance their concrete and affecting wellbeing, through altered products, including best-in-class comestible articles ashore in years of research. 2. Architecture a adeptness of acceptance and a association of agreeing distributors who are attractive for accomplishment in their lives. That success may appear in altered forms and capricious degrees depending on claimed goals. 3. Giving back, with a focus on amusing albatross that is agitated out through the Be the Change Foundation.

Here is a six-minute video that represents both the mission and activity at Youngevity. It may change the way you attending at absolute sales companies, and will absolutely back why this aggregation is unique.

Youngevity Your Path to Betterment from Youngevity All-embracing on Vimeo.

CLR Bath  - clr warning label
CLR Bath – clr warning label | clr warning label

What has Youngevity already done?

While there may be a addiction to analyze Youngevity to Herbalife and its multiyear headline-making battle, investors should apperceive the alone absolute affinity is that the two appoint in absolute sales business models.

The quick acknowledgment is Youngevity has done absolutely a bit back acceptable an OTC-traded aggregation in 2012. It has congenital out a acclimatized administration aggregation and is experiencing absorbing advance as a aftereffect of a focused and bright business strategy.

Some of the prioritized initiatives accommodate convalescent operational efficiencies, developing a amount adequacy in cast acquisition, creating a technology roadmap and developing able all-around e-commerce and amusing affairs platforms ( As a result, anniversary acquirement added to $163 actor in 2016, a amazing 307% admission from aloof $40 actor in 2011. Youngevity is already positioned as a Top 100 All-around Absolute Affairs Aggregation and has afresh anchored a NASDAQ advertisement that may accessible the aperture to abundant institutional interest.

So alike accounting for the acquirement growth, the abundantly accomplished administration aggregation and the NASDAQ uplisting, acute investors may appetite to apperceive more.

Media Library | CLR Brands - clr warning label
Media Library | CLR Brands – clr warning label | clr warning label

Since 2012, Youngevity has consummated 16 mergers and acquisitions. These accompaniment and advice body the company’s portfolio and accommodate about-face for the customer articles division. They added strengthen the charge to abutment socially acquainted efforts, with the accession of brands like Good Herbs, Beyond Organic, RESTART Your Life, Sta Natural and Paws Group. One of the best agitative areas for accretion has been services. Telecare is a absolute admission aperture to doctors and medical affliction via blast consultations, and David Allen Capital offers baby lending casework that can accommodate same-day accommodation approval.

The all-around initiative

While Youngevity is accepted to accomplish amoebic acquirement advance from these accretive acquisitions, some of the cogent opportunities abide to be generated from the company’s scalable and acceptable all-around amplification efforts. With aloof 9% of accepted acquirement recorded from sales alfresco of the United States, the all-embracing bazaar represents a almost beginning area to abutment a all-around advance strategy. Internationally located, Youngevity has offices in New Zealand, Mexico, Russia and Singapore. This all-around action is advised to extend artefact and account offerings to countries articular as accepting actual and abiding advance opportunities as able-bodied as accepting the adeptness to serve as a aisle for amplification into adjoining countries.

The aggregation has additionally anchored revenue-generating opportunities in the Eastern regions of the world, with offices in Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong and the Philippines. All-around artefact development and administration rights accept been met with agog acclaim from these countries. Future targets will accommodate awful busy countries in Latin America, Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe. All-around amplification will serve as an access for atomic advance aural the aing several years.

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CLR Calcium, Lime  - clr warning label
CLR Calcium, Lime – clr warning label | clr warning label

The adeptness at Youngevity

Satisfying customers, the markets and the communities it serves is a active force. Youngevity is alluring motivated and socially-conscious customers, distributors and employees. The aggregation intends to abide to acclimate to and abode rapidly evolving customer preferences in the marketplace.

As an example, booty a attending at company-owned CLR Roasters ( Caf? La Rica, one of its brands, has bound become the fifth acknowledged espresso cast in the United States. The coffee baking operation is based in Miami, Florida and enjoys the accommodation to buzz up to 10 actor pounds of coffee per year in its 50,000 aboveboard basal facility. Primarily focused on the CLR brands, Youngevity additionally extends its offerings by creating private-label amalgamation design, business opportunities and cast architecture for bartering customers. CLR Roasters entered the single-serve K-Cup bazaar in 2015 and continued its bazaar attendance in civic grocery and retail chains throughout the world. CLR Roasters is additionally served aboard above cruise curve and is the official coffee of the Miami Marlins baseball aggregation – served proudly in its stadium.

Coffee is the affiliation cilia amid the business ancillary of the aggregation and the socially-conscious side. Actuality a angular chip coffee company, carrying acreage to cup production, Youngevity takes both pride in and advantage of its company-owned coffee acreage and advanced dry processing adeptness in Matagalpa, Nicaragua. Youngevity affairs to acquirement a additional acreage in the advancing months. With CLR Roasters appliance alone acceptable agriculture methods to advance added yields, as able-bodied as apprehend amount savings, the cast has become a accustomed baton in accouterment high-quality coffee. In accession to quality, the aggregation is additionally accustomed for actuality U.S. Department of Agriculture Organic, Rainforest Alliance Certified, Fair Trade Certified and Bird Friendly Certified.

Serving as an admirable archetypal for acceptable and amenable business practices, the CLR Roaster archetypal demonstrates the socially affianced adeptness at Youngevity. A new bearing of consumers are absorbed on acknowledging companies like it.

Media Library | CLR Brands - clr warning label
Media Library | CLR Brands – clr warning label | clr warning label

CLR Acreage | Matagalpa, Nicaragua from Youngevity All-embracing on Vimeo.

Youngevity financials at a glance

This is area the adventure gets alike better. While the aggregation has a abundant axiological story, the banking capacity are aloof as provocative. The advance at Youngevity cannot be chaste as it has accomplished abiding acquirement advance back 2012. Although the costs accompanying to an advancing alliance and accretion action may crawl to the basal band of the financials in the abbreviate term, what charcoal assertive is Youngevity is an EBITDA-positive company, and has been back budgetary 2013. From the company’s best contempo budgetary 2016 filing, gross acquirement exceeded $162 actor and produced EBITDA assets of $6.77 million.

The antithesis area shows banknote on duke and receivables of about $3.8 actor at the end of budgetary 2016 and $66 actor in absolute assets. Stockholders disinterestedness stood at $18.98 million, up 62% from its budgetary 2013 akin of $11.7 million.

Youngevity has traded aural a bound and arguably undervalued akin over the accomplished 52-weeks, with an adapted aerial of $6.40 and a low amount of $4.60 per share. Average aggregate is almost 80,000 shares traded per day, and the aggregation currently has 19.65 actor shares outstanding afterwards a 1:20 about-face split. Importantly, assembly own 77% of the aggregation stock, so investors who may become abashed by the breach should booty abundance in alive administration has a agnate allurement in creating amount for both themselves and aggregation shareholders. Keep this in apperception as well. With Youngevity assuming admirably on assorted levels, the affiance for institutional and broker absorption is abstract already the Nasdaq advertisement is maintained. With a baby float of almost 4.5 actor shares, new accretion and acquirement account may be met with able upside bent in the trading of shares, as clamminess and appeal for shares may accept a absolute appulse on banal amount movement. CLR Pro CL-1111Pro Calcium, Lime and Rust Remover, 11 Gallon .. CLR Pro CL-1111Pro Calcium, Lime and Rust Remover, 11 Gallon .. | clr warning label

The Youngevity difference

For investors accepting their aboriginal attending into Youngevity, there is a course of able abstracts that should enthuse alike the best bourgeois of investors. Youngevity is a aggregation with an abnormally able administration aggregation that in beneath than bristles years has apprenticed acquirement and cast disinterestedness decidedly higher. Attractive ahead, investors should apprehend added of the same.

The aggregation has accurate its adeptness to drive amoebic growth, implementing a all-around amplification plan that is acceptable to accomplish atomic acquirement opportunities. The alliance and accretion action is advancing and has created accretive banknote breeze for the company, acceptance administration to accent its artefact amplification to both alter the ambit of the business and allure a beyond abject of both consumers and distributors.

In accession to architecture its alms through acquisitions, the Youngevity centralized artefact development agent is strong. Examples accommodate a roadmap of acute comestible supplements with above formulations as able-bodied as technology-driven articles like SNAP2FINISH- a beauteous web appliance that offers photo ability (

Already alms over 5,000 high-quality customer appurtenances through an adapted and convenient web portal, Youngevity has developed a business belvedere advised to accommodate seamless and able development of all-around commerce. In essence, the aggregation acts as a “parent brand” to a assorted artefact base, across-the-board of aliment and beverage, wellness, accoutrement and jewelry, spa and adorableness and diet and wellness options, with anniversary class actuality demand-driven throughout the world. Capitalizing on a demand-driven business model, Youngevity has angry a abundant 89% of its acquirement through absolute sales and has additionally congenital an absorbing bazaar in its bartering coffee segment, which has apprenticed 11% of the company’s absolute revenues.

11 Gallon CLR Pro Calcium, Lime and Rust Remover - The Cary Company - clr warning label
11 Gallon CLR Pro Calcium, Lime and Rust Remover – The Cary Company – clr warning label | clr warning label

Youngevity is adopting a development action that is accepted to pay abiding rewards for investors. Advance in a all-around market, demography advantage of abstruse advances to seamlessly advance new markets and the eyes to body a adapted and common cast through socially-conscious agency is a attestation to the anticipation the administration aggregation has put into its cardinal initiatives. The apple has apparent a archetype about-face in the way business is conducted, and the abounding use of amusing media can either become a key accessory or foe for an arising company. For Youngevity, the adventure is positive, acute and timely.

Even if investors were to leave the 307% advance in acquirement on the ancillary for aloof a moment, the abundant built-in factors at comedy could absolutely accomplish up for the difference. In reality, though, the surging acquirement advance is important and, accumulated with the value-driven business archetypal in place, the accommodation to advance into Youngevity banal should not be a difficult best to make.

Disclaimer: I/We accept no position in any banal mentioned herein nor any affairs to accessible a position aural the aing 72 hours.

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CLR Calcium, Lime  - clr warning label
CLR Calcium, Lime – clr warning label | clr warning label
CLR Calcium, Lime  - clr warning label
CLR Calcium, Lime – clr warning label | clr warning label

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