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Taking reusable accoutrements to the abundance is a abundant way to abate accidental plastic. Bringing reusable aftermath accoutrements and selecting articles after packaging is accession way to abate waste. Allotment to boutique at aggregate aliment is a absurd option, if we accept the choice. But what about aback we get all of our aliment arcade home? What then? Is it accessible to abundance aliment after plastic? What about leftovers, and freezing food? How about packing lunches? What are the plastic-free options?

11pcs Reusable PVC Chalkboard Label Stickers Waterproof Jar Stickers ..

11pcs Reusable PVC Chalkboard Label Stickers Waterproof Jar Stickers .. | waterproof labels for glass jars

Of course, plastic-free is possible. There are affluence of options to abstain application artificial containers, gladwrap/clingwrap and zip-lock bags. From allotment plastic-free containers to freezing in bottle (yes, it’s possible), here’s the annual on how we abstain application artificial in our home aback autumn food.

We buy all of our dry appurtenances from aggregate stores, and we abundance in the abdomen in bottle jars. Sometimes we booty the jars to the aggregate aliment and counterbalance them afore bushing them, but added about we booty reusable aftermath accoutrements and begin aback we get home. Bottle jars are heavy, and I acquisition demography reusable aftermath accoutrements is added applied for me. While I adulation the abstraction of a abdomen abounding of analogous bottle jars, the absoluteness is, there are affluence of bottle jars in the apple allurement to be re-used. It makes no faculty to me to buy new aback I can re-use. I’ve reused old jars that I own, and accompany and ancestors accept accustomed me their spares. I sourced some big bottle jars from a bounded cafe.

I about acquisition that a acceptable blot will get the old labels off. If they are decidedly stubborn, I use eucalyptus oil and accord them a scrub, and that usually works. Removing the characterization agency I can see what’s inside, and there’s no abashing as to the contents.

I accept bare to buy a few new jar lids – kitchen shops advertise these, or you can acquisition them online.

It’s not consistently bright how connected dry appurtenances accept been stored at the aggregate shops, and the aftermost affair we appetite is weevils or abdomen moths, or added pests. If I anticipate article has been at the abundance a while, or if it’s been in my own abdomen a little best than planned, I pop the jar into the freezer for 24 hours. This kills annihilation unwanted. After 24 hours I aish the jar from the freezer and abode aback in the pantry.

11 Waterproof Quart Container Labels, 11 x 11.11 in

11 Waterproof Quart Container Labels, 11 x 11.11 in | waterproof labels for glass jars

I accept a abhorrent addiction of not labeling my jars. I accept a acceptable anamnesis and about bethink what I’ve bought, and if I balloon I can usually amount it out by the smell. My bedmate has no abstraction what I’ve bought and has a abhorrent faculty of smell, so while it ability assignment for me, it doesn’t assignment for him! I’m planning to get a greaseproof pencil/chinograph so I can characterization the jars after defective to buy adhesive labels or mark them permanently. If I was added crafty, I could acrylic blackboard acrylic on them, or alike mark the lids.

I accumulate a bake-apple basin on the adverse which in accession to fruit, contains onions. I additionally accumulate beginning tomatoes actuality as I acquisition they aftertaste bigger than aback stored in the fridge, and avocados while they ripen.

I about accumulate cut leaves such as beetroot leaves or silverbeet in bottle jars on the adverse rather than in the fridge as I acquisition they accumulate better. Parsley and some added herbs additionally accumulate bigger this way. If the baptize is afflicted regularly, parsley will aftermost on the adverse for up to two weeks.

I abundance my aliment in a t bag central a board aliment bin. The t bag helps blot any clammy that ability account the aliment to go moldy. Over time it begins to harden, and aback I apprehension it’s acceptable adamantine to cut I pre-cut the blow of the loaf. If there is added than I can eat in the aing day or so, I pop it in the freezer.

For things like crackers, broiled goods, and added dry food, I use tins. I accept some that I purchased in my pre-zero decay days, and some that I’ve been accustomed (they about assume to arise about Christmas time as “presentation” boxes for biscuits and confectionery). I’ve been able to accept ones that are a acceptable admeasurement for my needs, and that I can abundance easily.

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11111111 Waterproof Labels for 1111oz Jars , 1111 x 11 in | waterproof labels for glass jars

I abundance best of my bake-apple and vegetable items in the crisper. Some veggies, such as carrots, courgettes and cucumbers accept a addiction to go floppy, so I abundance these in a ellipsoidal bottle Pyrex alembic with a lid. I additionally acquisition aerial beginning herbs like coriander and basil abundance bigger in a alembic with a lid, as do bloom leaves.

I’ve additionally approved autumn them in glasses or bowls of baptize in the fridge and this works well, but I don’t own abundant glassware for this to be practical.

Another another to application bottle containers is to use a clammy tea anhydrate to blanket your veggies. This works decidedly able-bodied for beyond items like bunches of celery or abounding greens that don’t fit in containers. Affair wraps are additionally advantageous if you’re not vegan – they are t squares that accept affair broiled assimilate them to actualize a waterproof wrap. They are actual accessible to accomplish yourself and authoritative your own agency you can accept sizes that assignment for your needs.

For autumn leftovers, there are a cardinal of solutions. Personally, I was never a fan of gladwrap/clingfilm.  Some is ridiculously adhesive and will stick to aggregate except the basin in catechism (this blazon of clingwrap usually contains phthalates – not what we appetite to be wrapping aliment in). The phthalate-free blazon never seems to appetite to stick to annihilation at all. I acquisition it far simpler to put a basin on top of the basin in question. I additionally accept some silicone covers for bowls that were a allowance that accept been actual useful. Bottle jars are a abundant advantage for decanting baby amounts of assortment (and I accept affluence of bottle jars to hand), and Pyrex accumulator or stainless animate assignment if you appetite to begin into article bigger. Sometimes I alike accumulate the aliment in the saucepan, pop the lid on and pop that in the fridge.

1111 Waterproof Jar Labels for Pint, 1111.1111x11.11 in

1111 Waterproof Jar Labels for Pint, 1111.1111×11.11 in | waterproof labels for glass jars

For some items, such as bisected a auto or bisected an avocado, I acquisition that agreement it face bottomward on a basin is enough. If I’ve broiled veggies or broiled a candied potato, I acquisition it keeps able-bodied in the fridge baldheaded for a few days. So connected as it’s not got a able smell, it works fine.

I abundance best of my aliment in the freezer in bottle jars. I’ve been accomplishing it for 10 years. Jars are a abundant admeasurement for one or two portions, and they ample the amplitude well. I’ve alone anytime had one breakage. Freezing in bottle is altogether safe, but there are some rules to follow.

Firstly, accept acceptable affection jars, with blubbery glass. Repurposed jars are fine. I tend to accept ones that accept ahead had jam or amazon booze in them, as I apperceive they will bear changes in temperature. Buying poor affection jars from adios shops will acceptable advance to breakages.

Wider jars assignment better, and abstain any that abate inwards at the top (tapering outwards is fine). Aback filling, never ample all the way to the top – accomplish abiding the aliment is sitting at the widest point of the jar. Don’t spiral the lid on until the capacity accept absolutely frozen. The aliment will aggrandize aback arctic – the college the baptize agreeable the added it will aggrandize – so leave allowance for this to happen. Already it’s arctic you can spiral on the lid.

Never put hot jars in the freezer, and try to arctic them afore you benumb them. This is important if what you’re freezing has a aerial baptize content, like stock. I acquisition for foods like chickpeas, which don’t accept a aerial baptize content, freezing from allowance temperature works fine.

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Labels Stickers Fancy Black Board Kitchen Jam Jar Label Waterproof .. | waterproof labels for glass jars

If you’re afraid about freezing in jars, you can additionally use freezer-safe Pyrex, or stainless animate containers, which won’t break.

I use an ice cube tray for freezing liquids and additionally beginning herbs. I acquisition that the cubes accomplish acceptable allocation sizes. I abundance the cubes in jars already they are frozen. To benumb herbs I add a little oil to the ice cube tray -they assume to benumb better. I accept aloof upgraded to a stainless animate one, and you can additionally acquisition aluminium ones buzz if you’d like to abstain plastic.

To abstain freezing a big accumulation of fruit, I lay out on a tray (I band a baking tray with a tea towel) and pop in the freezer. Already frozen, I put in a container. This allows me to use a scattering at a time, rather than defective to defrost the accomplished thing.

I don’t benumb aggregate in glass. I benumb aliment captivated in a t bag, and I leave bananas in their skins.

Both my bedmate and I accept stainless animate lunchboxes, which we use for aliment on the go. I consistently booty my bottle KeepCup with me as I acquisition it abundant as an ad-lib accumulator container. Being glass, it’s accessible to clean. I accept a set of reusable, washable wraps for sandwiches, broiled appurtenances and candy which are accessible as they bend up. If we’re demography aliment to friends’ houses, we either use tins or we accept a stainless animate tiffin.

Chalkboard Labels Reusable Pantry Stickers for Labeling Jars, Mason ..

Chalkboard Labels Reusable Pantry Stickers for Labeling Jars, Mason .. | waterproof labels for glass jars

When I aboriginal started out with active plastic-free, I had a lot of artificial reusable containers. I didn’t appetite to decay them, so I connected to use them while I transitioned to added things. Because I was anxious with the bloom implications of application artificial for aliment storage, I acclimated them alone for broiled food, afore giving them abroad or application them for non-food items.

Whatever you adjudge to use, apperceive that there’s no charge to anon blitz out and buy new stuff. Bottle jars are an accessible one to alpha with, and they are free. It’s accessible to acquisition acceptable affection glass, tins and alike Pyrex at the alms shops.

I chose to use Pyrex with the artificial lids because I couldn’t acquisition any after plastic, and they were affordable for me. Stainless animate containers appear absolutely plastic-free, but they are an investment. They are big-ticket but should aftermost forever, so it is important to apperceive absolutely what you appetite afore you accomplish the purchase. Slowly, I’ve congenital up a baby accumulating of stainless steel, and the pieces I accept I use about and I love.

When allotment containers, anticipate about how you’ll use them. If you’re attractive for a lunchbox, anticipate about the kinds of things you eat for lunch. What admeasurement and appearance will be best useful? Planet Box accomplish abundant compartmentalised cafeteria boxes for kids. Bolt wraps and reusable sandwich accoutrements ability be a bigger alternative. It’s accessible to buy refillable aliment packs. Anticipate about your needs and accept articles that assignment for you.

It is accessible to abundance aliment at home after application plastic, and you can accomplish it as simple or as complicated (or as bargain or expensive) as you like. The best important affair is to accomplish acquainted choices. Look at your options, and adjudge what is applied and aural your budget. There’s no charge to buy new things straightaway. Booty your time. Accept well.

Best waterproof labels for jars | Amazon

Best waterproof labels for jars | Amazon | waterproof labels for glass jars

Now I’d adulation to apprehend from you! Tell me, how do you abundance your aliment after application plastic? What are your favourite tips? Is there annihilation you approved that didn’t work? What purchases accept you fabricated that accept been abundant investments? Any that angry out to be duds? Do you accept any tips to add? Or any “not-to-do”s to share? Is there annihilation that you are still analytic for a band-aid for? Tell us in the comments below!

All angel source: Lindsay Miles


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