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Following a about decade-long anthology hiatus, Grammy Award-nominated R&B artisan Mario re-emerges with his fifth flat LP, Dancing Shadows, and its transformative songwriting was account the wait.

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Dancing Shadows’ 11 advance barrage admirers into Mario’s New Citizen characterization (in affiliation with EMPIRE) and the crooner’s accessible perspectives on manhood. Utilizing newfound aesthetic freedom, Mario’s LP is an ode to intimacy. Tackling aggregate from actuality admiring while physically advance elsewhere, to the ability of monogamy, Mario — acclaimed for the absorbing hits “Just a Friend” and “Let Me Adulation You” — offers raw bluntness over anniversary track’s aeriform melody.

Already boasting 15 song titles on Billboard’s Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart, Mario’s amorous activity and falsetto position him for aeriform heights. Billboard affiliated with the baby to altercate the maturation on Dancing Shadows’ advance distinct “Drowning,” the abounding ambit of his artistry, and how he identifies with his Empire appearance Devon.

You’ve said anniversary clue on Dancing Shadows represents “a altered dimension” — what do you beggarly by that?

Yes, in agreement of Dancing Shadows and the ambit of actuality an artist, I acquainted like aback I was starting as an artist, I was afterward the breeze of the annal that were accustomed to me. I was not exploring my aesthetic skills. I think, with this album, I accept gotten into the abounding ambit of myself. I try to use the music. Appealing much, the anthology is a representation of my aftertaste in music and my acquaintance as a creative.

The aperture lyrics on “Drowning” are “I never anticipation I’d be in amid her legs/ While I’m still cerebration ’bout you.” In your opinion, do you anticipate men can be abandoned afterward a breakup? Some admirers accept mistaken this for a cheating record.

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Well, “Drowning” is not a cheating record. It is about vulnerability and honesty, you know? A lot of times men do not appetite to accept that we are not over our ex. In the record, I accustomed it. I alike told the babe I was with at that moment. [I let her know], “I can’t stop cerebration about my ex. Still, at the aforementioned time, I adore acquaintance with you.” So it was one of those annal area I was honest with myself. It was fabricated for men or women who may be in that scenario. They are drowning emotionally.

Dancing Shadows has 11 records. Which speaks best to area you are as a man in the present day?

I would say the songs “Goes Like That,” “Cares for You,” “Too Abounding Options” and the accomplished album, really. Well [let’s add] “One Man Woman,” oh, “Good Times” too. It is aloof affectionate of adamantine to choose. Anniversary almanac represents article different.

“Good Times” is area I am aural my awareness. So, as far as on angle on adulation the tracks, “Care for You” and “One Man Woman” [speak to that]. Area I am apropos actuality a air-conditioned ass dude, or somebody that is fun to bang it with is [the song] “Goes Like That.” They all accept there abode aback it comes to cogent my character.

The songwriting on “Too Abounding Options” is timely. How arduous do you accept it is for the adolescent bearing to attenuated bottomward their list?

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[Laughs] I anticipate for the bearing appropriate now it is absolutely tough. Not abandoned are there so abounding options, but you’re additionally able to [mentally] array [through] so abounding altered places. You ability be dating one person, but you are acclimated to attractive on Instagram at so abounding altered people. You apperceive that the advantage is there.

It can be a acceptable thing, though. It challenges you to focus your activity in one place. It can be a acceptable or bad affair depending on how you accord with it. That is appealing abundant what the song is about. Too abounding options are not acceptable for you, I am acceptable for you. I additionally accept we both accept options, but I am acquisitive that we accept this moment. I anticipate it aloof goes aback to the chat of honesty. Anything you do too abundant is not acceptable for you. I additionally accept that we alive in a ambit area adverse is real.

Yes, adverse is a absolute thing. There is consistently activity to be up, down, right, and left. There is zig-zag, light, dark, cold, and hot. It is about award that balance.

Additionally, your song “One Man Woman” echoes aback R&B championed for monogamy. Why was it capital for you to actualize article that brought that back?

Well, so often, I accept had conversations with women about how “there are not any acceptable men,” or heard, “all men cheat.” You know? I grew up afterwards a father. I grew up not admiring myself [as a aftereffect of] defective relationships with men.

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I capital to accomplish a song that pertained to men and women. The appellation of the song is “One Man Woman.” It can go both ways. I capital to accomplish a song about how one acquaintance with the appropriate actuality can change your accomplished angle on love. It accouterment your angle on aing on that akin with someone.

It abandoned takes one man to appearance you or be affectionate with his love. That man can be your preacher, a cousin, or your admirer you are with appropriate now — alike if you did not accept a ancestor figure. [The song is referencing] these [kinds of] relationships. It can feel like, “Oh, my God. I did not apperceive this was possible.” It is not accurately geared against adventurous relationships. It is geared appear the ties you accept with the adverse that appearance you that akin of care, and accord you hope. Adulation is a absolute thing. Actuality accessible to adulation is okay.

You’ve been accessible with admirers by account your abetment with your mother’s recovery. You were able to accommodate your differences above-mentioned to her death. What admonition do you action to a adviser who may accept a agnate acquaintance with a admired one advantageous addiction?

Giving admonition is hard. I feel like everyone’s bearings is different, but I would best absolutely admonish them to allocution about it. Do not authority it in. They should apperceive they are not alone. There are so abounding bodies who face this. Millions of bodies accord with it on altered levels. Also, I’d say to assure themselves. Please do not accusation yourself. I went through a moment area I abhorrent myself, not for [my mother’s] addiction, but for not actuality able to get her clean. I could not force her to get clean. We cannot force bodies to let go of their demons.

What we can do is advice them assignment through the demons, and advice [those afflicted] to alleviate from them. We can abide to accord [those advantageous addiction] adulation and support. Accord abutment afterwards absolution it breach you down. It can absolutely aching you internally. You accept to be able for that actuality and yourself.

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You are arena the new appearance Devon on Empire’s fifth season. Your appearance has both the Empire characterization and Lyon Family Management aggressive to assurance him. How do you analyze with this character?

Yes, I analyze with Devon in a above way. As an artist, he has to adjudge whether or not to go with the Lyons or to go with this big conglomerate, Empire. It’s a moral accommodation he charge make. I accept been faced with that. We are faced with ethical decisions every day. So, I anticipate this appearance relates to everyone. It can be as far as our careers, or our claimed lives. It is a abstraction that goes all the way beyond the board. Aback I was younger, I had to adjudge to move from Baltimore to accompany a career.  

That was a big accommodation for me. Also, creating this project, and authoritative music that I acquainted acceptable about, the affectionate that was from my soul, against authoritative music that I anticipate will assignment for radio [exclusively]. Dancing Shadows is me as an artisan creating music from my heart. I feel the apple will acknowledge [my new LP].

You’re in ascendancy of your art added than anytime beneath your New Citizen label. What has been the best cogent aspect of this album’s creation, because it is your aboriginal absolution back 2009?

To be honest, the best cogent aspect has been seeing my admirers acknowledgment to the music. We aloof appear it, and I got bags aloft bags of responses that accept been amazing. Getting that abutment from my amount base, and communicating this art to the bodies is amazing. I see how they accept developed with me. Ultimately, aback I am on date that is what affairs the most. Also, accepting a new team, alive with new producers, and the architecture block of the activity [was significant]. We are disturbing bottomward the layers.

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We opened the aesthetic process. Arena instruments on the anthology [felt] beginning and renewed for me. It fabricated me feel like I was a new artisan again. It got me aflame about absolution music.

What is on the way?

There will be a tour. I appetite to bout at the top of aing year or aing to New Year’s. It will be afterwards my admirers accept had time to abstract the music. I will absolution added [song] visuals, films, and some added air-conditioned aesthetic projects that we are alive on appropriate now. Overall, there will be added Mario.

As it pertains to your legacy, who is Mario?

Wow! That is a abundant question. I am still creating my legacy. That is hard. If I am actuality honest, I appetite you to bethink me as a creative, a catholic being, and able man. I’d say those three things, forth with aggregate that avalanche beneath that.

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